GMO Flawless (Single Source) LIVE Diamonds (B#785)
Sauce | Noble Nectar

GMO Flawless (Single Source) LIVE Diamonds (B#785)


Single Source: Genetics curated with our network of top tier breeders, this product line is Noble Nectar grown and processed. This is our high end, single source, ultra-refined Concentrate line.


THCa Diamonds: Named after their crystalline appearance, THCa Diamonds are known for their high THC potency and a very instant, intense, and euphoric high. 


Lineage / Blend: (Hybrid) Girl Scout cookie X Chemdawg


Description: Deliciously stanky and savory. This strain is pure garlic, mushroom, and onion in the best way! GMO is an indica dominant hybrid that will definitely spice up any smoke session!

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